Balila Gluten Free Corn Tube case - Milk Cream pack


Product information

Balila is a puffed corn tubular snack filled with 7 scrumptious flavours, in each pack you will find two deliciously crunchy corn tubes ready to eat.

Balila is an extruded, puffed corn tube filled with a mouthwatering Milk creamy filling, they are Gluten free, suitable for Vegetarians and a perfect alternative to a chocolate or wafer bar.

Corn tubes filled with Milk Cream.
Net weight: 15g
Size: 14 x 4,5 x 2 cm
48 pieces in a pack
*Packaging design and colours may vary from images on this website.

Brand: Balila
Condition: New
Weight: 0.888kg
MPN: 8588004918139